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My congregation provides my housing (a parsonage) and over the years they have graciously indulged my interest in converting large portions of the lawn to “wild” gardens composed of native plants.  Some I’ve started from seeds gathered on walks while others were given by friends or purchased from nurseries.  Like most gardeners, I find a lot of joy in seeing the return of old and new companions at this time of year!

Pictured here is a Sharp-lobed Hepatica purchased a few years ago at a fall clearance sale.  There was nothing apparent in the pot and when planted I could hardly find evidence of roots, and I wondered if this was destined to be one of many busts in my long experiment.  Its flourishing reminds me of the resilience that life can surprise us with.  Faith is like this, revealing beauty and strength where we might have otherwise given up.  Where has resilience surprised you?