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There is a secluded corner of the church building where I serve as the pastor that is often forgotten.  Over the years I’ve found it a good place to go when I have to focus or need a break from people.  For a long time I would begin my day here with silence, reflection and prayer.  I returned this morning and was struck by the beauty of clouds, both in the sky and on branches of the timeworn Serviceberry shrubs bearing their delicate blossoms just outside the window.

I was also moved by the fruit of those prior prayer times.  There is much that I brought to this room that has been realized, struggles that I’ve made it through and confidence gained in the midst of uncertainty.  Seasons of growth have returned me to the beauty of this moment and the new challenges I face.  It is only in retrospect that I can see how actively they have shaped me.  How do you experience prayer and how has it shaped you?