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Is faith a noun or a verb?  Religious talk tends to favor fixed ideas and behaviors with actions carefully conformed to prevailing expectations.   It may regard faith as a matter of reinforcing what you already know.  But another sense of this word concerns the unknown and the question of what guides you.  It is less about an idea than the living of your life and your discoveries along the way.

I’ll be sharing my experiences and observations on faith as a verb over the next several weeks as part of a special appeal in my congregation called FAITH IS ACTIVE.  Because I use a bicycle as my primary mode of transportation I’ll be keeping track of my miles and sharing what I see on my rides, but I’ll share other parts of my story as well.  I’m especially interested learning what inspires and influences you, and how together our stories reveal something bigger than what we could imagine all alone.  If you want to participate in this appeal you can learn more at this link: Faith Is Active.  Thank you for reading and reflecting with me!