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On Easter Sunday a child in my congregation handed me this slip of paper.  I’m always grateful to receive artwork and other reflections of what children see and think about during worship, and this one was especially incisive.  Children’s questions can reveal a lot when adults are willing to take them seriously.

No topic had been chosen for our Sunday forum the following week, so we decided to have an intergenerational conversation around questions.  The oldest participant was 90 and the youngest a toddler.  The child who gave me the question was there with his mom, along with several other children and their parents, and other random adults.  It was amazing!  Particularly moving was an 86-year-old’s response to an 8-year-old’s question about death.  She shared about a time that she almost died and her sense of God’s presence with her.  It was beautiful reminder of how our questions connect us, and how sacred they are.  How have questions shaped your experience of faith?