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I've always loved bicycling but it wasn't until well into adulthood that I was inspired by a colleague to use my bike as a primary mode of transportation.  I also love winter and realized that riding is possible year-round with some caution and the right clothing.  This was a bit of a novelty to my congregation and even after many years I sometimes get strange looks when I'm out in extremely cold weather.  Several years ago I began measuring my mileage during the month of February as a fundraiser and momentum-builder for the congregation I serve, Faith Lutheran Church.  I was delighted by the response!  

I'm adding these thoughts as a way of sharing this experience more widely.  The longer I am a pastor the more I appreciate the value of noticing new things, asking questions and discovering new ways of experiencing God.  I'll post about what I notice on my rides, ideas and questions that emerge, and growing edges of the sacred in everyday life.  I hope that these thoughts can inspire your own and generate momentum for your participation in the wonder that surrounds you.  Who knows, you might even try riding in winter!  Thanks for reading.